Success Stories

My SuperCamp Experience

By Alan Domingo I was an optimistic, outgoing, friendly teen, with a small view of what life was going to be like. I lived in a small bubble with a great group of friends who saw life more or less the same. Their influences defined me and made me the bubbly, extroverted, and approachable teen […]

SuperCamper – Best Delegate Model United Nations

Along with having the honor of being a Best Delegate for the Model United Nations, Ibrahim was a model SuperCamper—two years as a camper from 2009-2010, then later as a Team Leader. Ibrahim El-Kazaz at the United Nations (from Facebook) Although at first he was not thrilled about attending—he thought it was a camp about […]

SuperCamp grad publishes book at age 15!

#SUCCESS: How Teens Can Create Their Own Brilliant Future is the title of Emma Aaron’s book, written and published in 2016 when she was 15 years old. Emma’s book, in fact, received a wonderful review from Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series: “Young Emma is destined for greatness this lifetime, […]

Danny Domingo: Finding Direction

By Danny Domingo (SuperCamp Graduate and QLN Intern) Before I attended SuperCamp, I had all of these things going for me: grades, athletics, extracurriculars, but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do in college and beyond, and I didn’t really see how this program would help me. Little did I know that SuperCamp would […]

Melia Domingo: Integrating the 8 Keys

By Danny Domingo (SuperCamp Graduate and QLN Intern) Melia tended to only do things if she had to: socialize, try new things, go to SuperCamp. The program sounded suspiciously like school (not something she wanted to do during the summer), and she didn’t think that she was going to take anything away from it… until […]

Where are they now? “Memory strategies lead to near perfect score—and more!”

SuperCamp Success Story #4: Grant. Grant took the SAT prior to learning memory strategies (known as mnemonics) at SuperCamp, and then again afterward. At SuperCamp he realized the power of these strategies and later applied them to learning a book of 2,500 vocabulary words. He did this in just two days before retaking the SAT. The […]

Where are they now? “New perspectives and knowledge”

SuperCamp Success Story #3: Austin When Austin came to SuperCamp he felt he was doing fine in school. He had friends and an active social life. He had goals and wanted to be on his high school’s varsity golf team. If anyone asked him what he would change about his life, he would have responded […]

Where are they now? “Building confidence to be oneself”

SuperCamp Success Story #2: Duncan Duncan grew up according to the traditions and culture of his Chinese family. They were the same values taught at his conventional Chinese school in Hong Kong and everywhere else. Those values taught that the best way for a person to exist in a culture is conformity. Don’t stick out […]

Where are they now? “Getting back on track”

SuperCamp Success Story #1: Charles Charles’s mother, Regina, never expected to raise him completely alone. She had been divorced for a while, but her ex-husband still played a strong role in Charles’s life. There were struggles, but life was solid. That was before the three military men showed up at her door. They told her […]

Making the leap from camper to counselor.

Heard of SuperCamp? In a nutshell, it’s a summer educational experience that teaches teens valuable life skills. Participants are transformed with a noticeable shift in their strength of character and a hunger for academic excellence. Some are so inspired that they leap from camp learner to team leader. One such student was Jake Smith. This […]

SuperCamp Welcomes Eight McSweeney Kids in 2014!

  In 1984, La Jolla residents Dan and Mary McSweeney sent their teenage son Matthew to SuperCamp. Then only in its third year, the summer camp’s impact was strong and Matthew was changed by his experience that summer. Matthew recalls … ”SuperCamp challenged me, pushing me into areas that were previously way out of my […]