SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum Journal – Day 3

We started day #3 at SuperCamp by learning the “Ownership Key.” OWNERSHIP – Take responsibility for actionsBe responsible for your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. “Own” the choices you make and the results that follow. This means not just being responsible for the things we must be (chores, school, etc.) but taking responsibility for those […]

SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum Journal – Day 2

This morning we learned the “This Is It” key of Excellence. It was an inspiring way to start the day and help us all make the most of this incredible SuperCamp experience. I was impressed with some of the goals these young students have. THIS IS IT! – Make the most of every moment. Focus […]

SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum Journal – Day 1

Like most of the campers yesterday, I arrived to SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum wide-eyed and a bit bewildered. I didn’t know what to pack, where to go or what to do. I was tired when I got here and dreaded being away from home for the whole week. It was my first sleep-away educational summer camp! […]

SuperCamp’s 2013 Season Summer Enrichment Programs are off to a Great Start!

Campers celebrate Independence Day SuperCamp-style while gaining essential interpersonal skills SuperCamp campers celebrated Independence Day in true SuperCamp style, with afternoon activities on the lawn including three-legged races, wheel-barrow races and more. Throughout these summer enrichment programs, students engage in a variety of personal development activities, in addition to learning accelerated learning strategies. These personal […]

Your GPA Sends a Message — Academic Summer Camps Can Help

SuperCamp teaches 8 Keys of Excellence as foundational principles during academic summer camps By Doug Schlesser One of my favorite parts of SuperCamp is our discussion that leads up to the Ownership key talk. The Campers come into our Main Room to a message displayed on a flip chart that says, “Whatever you are doing, […]

Quantum Academy: The Secret to Success for College Prep

Quantum Academy’s college prep accelerated learning techniques are helping college students compete in today’s workforce. Limited seats still available for a short time. In this fiercely competitive job market, college students must prepare every way possible to enter the workforce, starting with a successful and timely college degree. College students today must make the most […]

Home Court Advantage: College Prep Strategy to Start Now

SuperCamp college prep strategies start in summer and continue through life. By Doug Schlesser The first month of the school year has always been a struggle for me. While entering my third full year in the classroom, after my second summer as a SuperCamp Facilitator, I decided to focus much more on creating a classroom […]

Positive Student-Teacher Relationships Taught at Academic Summer Camp

Academic Summer Camp, SuperCamp, teaches key interpersonal skills and academic study techniques to increase success. By Daniel Shedd Myriad research has shown that a positive relationship between student and teacher massively improves the quality of the student’s education and school experience. In fact, some studies have shown that connecting with our teachers, even on the most […]

SuperCamp Educational Summer Camps to Commence Soon

SuperCamp’s 6 to 10-day educational summer camps will commence in late June at universities throughout the U.S. Students learn crucial academic and life skills via accelerated learning methods, classroom-style lectures, outdoor activities and team-building exercises. San Diego, CA — SuperCamp’s educational summer camps will commence in late June at universities throughout the United States. These […]