13 Reasons To Come Back To SuperCamp

Are you still considering lacrosse camp, taking a summer job or just hanging out by the pool? Think again. We are here to remind you (in 13 different ways) that 7, 8 or 10 days of SuperCamp has and will again change your life! 1. Reinforce the tools & strategies that you learned at camp […]

Report Cards Are In: Are You Happy With What You See?

   High schools are not preparing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel after graduation. In fact, only 26% of high school students graduate college-ready in the four core subjects of English, reading, math, and science. SuperCamp teaches study strategies to help students retain information taught in the classroom. Students will learn a wide […]

Camper Spotlight: Zeke Garcia

We can’t help sharing this WONDERFUL story! This is what Maribel Garcia has to say about her son’s SuperCamp experience this past summer: “There is so much to say and express about Zeke’s SuperCamp experience that I don’t think it will show on paper as well as it is intended. Zeke had a wonderful time […]

SuperCamp — The Gift of a Brighter Future

Conscious gifts stand the test of time. Imagine . . . Giving your child a truly meaningful holiday gift that will benefit them for a lifetime! As we approach another holiday season and gift-buying goes into hyperdrive, many parents picture their rosy-cheeked progeny opening gifts with glee and cherishing them for years to come. Sadly, […]

9 Ways SuperCamp Parents Can Help Support and Motivate Teens

By Bobbi DePorter, SuperCamp Founder For many years at SuperCamp, parents would ask us if we could start a program for them, to help them learn what their child is learning at SuperCamp. So we designed an intensive SuperCamp ‘crash course’ Parent Workshop for our SuperCamp parents to continue the positive SuperCamp experience and skills upon […]

SuperCamp – A Family Affair for these Grandparents

Dan and Mary McSweeney go above and beyond to give children every opportunity to succeed San Diego, CA – We celebrate grandparents everywhere who leave a legacy of a brighter future for their grandchildren. For La Jolla residents, Dan and Mary McSweeney, that comes in the form of education. Dan, a retired banking executive, and […]

LIVE from SuperBizCamp – part 2

Today was awesome. These young entrepreneurs were so focused on fine-tuning their presentations, practicing over and over, and writing out notecards like their lives depended on it. We worked and practiced all morning and the anticipation for the SuperBizCamp Business Plan Competition was palpable. Before lunch, each team presented to each other and voted on which […]

LIVE from SuperBizCamp! – part 1

I don’t know if it was my dashing good looks or my rave review of SuperCamp Junior Forum last week, but I got the chance to come back for the second half of SuperBizCamp and OH-MY-GOSH, IT IS AWESOME! Really, talk about a great day at work! Yes, I work for SuperCamp so you might […]

SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum Journal – Day 7

Today was a beautiful end to a beautiful experience at SuperCamp. Our Parent Workshop was fabulous—very informative and Karen was at her finest. She demonstrated her talent for captivating an audience while imparting crucial knowledge that just flows into you. She taught our campers’ parents what we experienced this week, some of the things we […]

SuperCamp LMU Junior Forum Journal – Day 6

Integrity is priceless. That’s what we learned in SuperCamp this morning. We learned the Integrity Key of Excellence and that integrity means your values and action match. We did a cool activity to remember this, which was to trace our hands, then write a big ‘V’ for Value on the left palm and a big […]