Camper Spotlight

Kalani’s Story

SuperCamp Student Spotlight – Kalani’s Story

Meet Kalani Kalani is an undergrad student at New York University. The acceptance rate for NYU’s class of 2023 was an astonishing sixteen percent, so we say well done Kalani! Since his admission into NYU, Kalani has maintained an exceptional GPA and completed his first semester with a 4.0, placing him at the top of […]

Nia’s Story

Prior to Attending SuperCamp Initially, Nia’s interest in SuperCamp was sparked because her older sister had attended years earlier. Although she was excited for the opportunity, she wasn’t expecting the experience to be as impactful as it was. Nia had always valued personal growth, lifelong learning, kindness, and authenticity. Her expectation was that she would […]

A SuperCamp Family Success Story

SUPERCAMP IN THEIR BLOOD: FROM CRADLE TO COLLEGE, TRULY A SUPERCAMP FAMILY SUCCESS STORY Patti Brucki connected to SuperCamp as a facilitator early on in her teaching career—and she brought the entire family along with her—her husband, Ken, and their three children! Now, 22 years later, see the results! Patti is an English teacher, librarian, […]

SuperCamp Dream Comes True – Eighteen Years Later!

Nita Rao‎, June 8 at 4:03pm.  When I was 13 years old at SuperCamp, our counselor asked us what we wanted to “be” when we grew up. He gave us each a square plank of wood and asked us to write our goal on one side of the board and then the obstacle that stood […]

SuperCamper – Best Delegate Model United Nations

Along with having the honor of being a Best Delegate for the Model United Nations, Ibrahim was a model SuperCamper—two years as a camper from 2009-2010, then later as a Team Leader. Ibrahim El-Kazaz at the United Nations (from Facebook) Although at first he was not thrilled about attending—he thought it was a camp about […]

SuperCamp grad publishes book at age 15!

#SUCCESS: How Teens Can Create Their Own Brilliant Future is the title of Emma Aaron’s book, written and published in 2016 when she was 15 years old. Emma’s book, in fact, received a wonderful review from Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series: “Young Emma is destined for greatness this lifetime, […]

Making the leap from camper to counselor.

Heard of SuperCamp? In a nutshell, it’s a summer educational experience that teaches teens valuable life skills. Participants are transformed with a noticeable shift in their strength of character and a hunger for academic excellence. Some are so inspired that they leap from camp learner to team leader. One such student was Jake Smith. This […]

SuperCamp Welcomes Eight McSweeney Kids in 2014!

  In 1984, La Jolla residents Dan and Mary McSweeney sent their teenage son Matthew to SuperCamp. Then only in its third year, the summer camp’s impact was strong and Matthew was changed by his experience that summer. Matthew recalls … ”SuperCamp challenged me, pushing me into areas that were previously way out of my […]

Camper Spotlight: Zeke Garcia

We can’t help sharing this WONDERFUL story! This is what Maribel Garcia has to say about her son’s SuperCamp experience this past summer: “There is so much to say and express about Zeke’s SuperCamp experience that I don’t think it will show on paper as well as it is intended. Zeke had a wonderful time […]

SuperCamp – A Family Affair for these Grandparents

Dan and Mary McSweeney go above and beyond to give children every opportunity to succeed San Diego, CA – We celebrate grandparents everywhere who leave a legacy of a brighter future for their grandchildren. For La Jolla residents, Dan and Mary McSweeney, that comes in the form of education. Dan, a retired banking executive, and […]